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Motor Vehicle Accident

    Many people who are involved in motor vehicle accidents sustain injuries to their neck and back. These injuries can lead to pain, stiffness, weakness, and an inability to return to work or participate in their normal activities of daily living. In addition to offering orthopedic… Read More »Motor Vehicle Accident

    WSIB Work Injury

      If youā€™ve been injured at work, it might be difficult to think about anything else. In fact, a workplace injury can affect all areas of your life and you might have a lot of worries. The road to recovery can seem difficult and unclear, but… Read More »WSIB Work Injury

      Slip and Fall

        Injuries from falls are one of the leading causes of accidents that cause injury. When a person suffers a slip and fall injury, they often suffer trauma to the bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments along with the nervous system from the impact of the fall.… Read More »Slip and Fall

        Sports Injuries

          You donā€™t need to be injured to benefit from physiotherapy. If youā€™re looking to improve your performance in your sport, we can help! Whether you want to run faster, jump higher, or lift more, we can help you reach your goals. Whether you need hand… Read More »Sports Injuries

          Unique services Packages #2

            To get the full Unique services experience, we invite you to schedule one of our packages. Vichy Shower massage 6 sessions $710.00 plus HST (original $750.00 plus HST) Combo Vichy Shower Massage + Phyto Barrel $195.00 plus HST (original $214.00 plus HST) Parafango 6 seesions… Read More »Unique services Packages #2