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Motor Vehicle Accident

Many people who are involved in motor vehicle accidents sustain injuries to their neck and back. These injuries can lead to pain, stiffness, weakness, and an inability to return to work or participate in their normal activities of daily living. In addition to offering orthopedic rehabilitation, our clinic is offering neurologic rehabilitation for cases of more severe nerve damage or brain injury.


  1. Inform your car insurance provider of the accident and any injuries that you have sustained. Regardless of who was at fault for the accident, your insurance provider is responsible for making health and rehabilitation services available to you. If you were a passenger in someone elseā€™s car, or were outside of the vehicle but still involved in the accident, contact your own auto insurance provider if you have one. Your adjuster will help you determine through whose insurance your claim will be processed. Once you have a motor vehicle accident injury claim initiated with the relevant insurance provider we can take care of the rest.
  2. Call us to book an initial assessment. In this one-hour session, your Registered Physiotherapist will examine your car accident-related injuries, discuss with you a treatment plan, begin therapy, and collect all the necessary information to fill out and submit an MVA rehabilitation insurance claim on your behalf.
  3. Come to our clinic for follow-up treatment sessions. Follow-up appointments will be booked to fit your schedule. These appointments will incorporate a wide range of therapeutic modalities and may include massage therapy with one of our Registered Massage Therapists. As with all our patients, our objective is to use all of our available resources to get you better as fast as possible.
  4. Focus on getting better. We will work on your behalf to manage all reporting and documentation required to continue your claim and to ensure that you get the necessary treatment you need.