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Parafango Detox Wrap

    Parafango is a mixture of paraffin wax, dehydrated mud (in Italian, “fango” means “mud”), and medicinal herbs. It is a perfect combination for treating cellulite and speeding up the loss of inches, due to the thermal properties of paraffin and the detoxifying effects of the mud. During the treatment, the warm Parafango stimulates the lymphatic flow in the body and draws out toxins from around the fat cells, resulting in immediate, noticeable results. Differences can be seen after the first treatment; however, a series of 10 sessions is recommended for optimum results.

    • Dramatically reduces cellulite and reduces water retention
    • Detoxifies and tones tissues
    • Trims inches off the body and burns calories
    • Softens stretch marks
    • Smooths skin
    • Increases energy and promotes circulation
    • Relieves joint pain