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Bandage Body Wrap

    Our Bandage Body Wrap is an intensive treatment to sculpt the most stubborn body areas: belly, hips, and buttocks. The bandages we use for the body wrap are soaked in a formula that contains vitamins and minerals. During the treatment, your entire body is wrapped in the warm individual formulated body mask and bandages. The unique body mask formula and special wrapping techniques used in the treatment shape and tone your body, leaving you feeling great and looking your best.

    • Expect to lose inches
    • Re-hydrate the skin
    • Tones skin in a way exercise & diet can’t
    • Stimulates the body’s natural cleansing process
    • Purge toxic waste, which accumulates in the fatty tissues
    • Boosts the drainage of toxins from subcutaneous tissue, revitalizes the skin and compacts the fatty layer, toning, and tightening to create immediate and significant inch loss
    • Lifts and defines the body contours, focusing on problem areas like the stomach, hips, and thighs