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Alsu Kamarova, medical aesthetician 

Alsu Kamarova has been expanding her professional cosmetic dermatology practice since 2012. With a holistic approach in mind, she focuses on emphasizing natural beauty of her clients, revitalizing and improving their skin quality, and delivering great, lasting results. Alsu’s experience, expertise, and honest approach will always guarantee that she will recommend what she thinks is best for the client. She is an artist with a European medical degree, who knows a thing or two about beauty, yet always remembers that health and safety are a priority. Alsu understands the importance of lifelong learning, creativity, and innovation, so after many years of practice, she is always on a lookout for ways to improve techniques and discover new effective methods of enhancing her clients’ beauty. 

List of benefits:

  • Natural results
  • European medical degree
  • 10+ years of international experience
  • Unparalleled expertise
  • Personalized professional service
  • Use of the best certified products that are safe and effective
  • Great attitude and caring approach