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Christmas promotion

🎁 Christmas sale! 40% off 2 hr of health treatment till December 31 and $25 gift card for the next procedure 🔥

Be cheerful and unsurpassed for everyone for the Christmas holidays. Effect for your health and body after one session!

🔥 Combination of Mud therapy, Phyto Barrel and paraffin bath (hands or feet):

☑️ Mud therapy treating stress, skin diseases, chronic pain, inflammation, headaches, constipation, and it also helps a lot as a detoxification therapy.

☑️ The Cedar Phyto barrel is a panacea from a set of illnesses, a source of youth, and a good mood. It is an effective means for adjusting weight. The skin becomes softer and younger under the influence of the scented steam.

💥Package valid till December 31, 2021. Original price $239.00