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Vladimir Mikhatski

Osteopath – Vladimir Mikhatski who graduated from the Complementary Medicine College of Canada. He also holds a Muscle injections license. Vladimir Mikhatsk worked as a physiotherapist at European rehabilitation hospitals. Vladimir Mikhatski treated patients, who are suffering from a range of problems including neck, back pain, arthritis, sports injuries, and postural problems from working or driving, migraines, sinusitis, otitis, osteochondritis, bursitis, and golf elbow, and other health problems. His style of practice is diversified, and he uses a variety of techniques in his treatments including adjustments, soft tissue therapy, lymphatic pump, indirect techniques,  articulation techniques, still techniques, muscle energy techniques (METs), high-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA), craniosacral therapy,  visceral techniques, counterstains techniques, myofascial release. For best results, he also uses Cupping therapy and Tens unit. 
He works in partnership with his patients and treats each patient as an individual.