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Natural 100% Laminaria


Natural 100% Laminaria seaweeds from the  Sea, dried and crushed without the use of chemicals. An absolutely pure natural product with the highest content of alginates, sea minerals, and iodine, which rejuvenate the skin and give elasticity.
Many massage therapists and cosmetologists are still looking for kelp of such quality that the procedures are truly effective, and clients leave satisfied with the result and come back again.
Laminaria is suitable for wraps and baths, and for preparing hair masks and scrubs. Relieves the subcutaneous fat layer from swelling, removes toxins, makes the skin elastic thanks to alginates, and softens due to the acid content.
How to use: 
For wraps and hair masks: dilute 1 heaping tablespoon in 100-150 milliliters of warm water. Let it brew for 5-10 minutes. Apply to a clean body or distribute along the length of the hair. Wrap the body with cling film and the hair with a damp towel. After 20-60 minutes, wash off. When used for baths: dilute 50-100 grams of kelp in warm water. The procedure time is 10-20 minutes.