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Our Team

Eryna Capko- Medical Aesthetician

Eryna is a nurse and master medical aesthetician. She has more than 15 years of experience offering patients the highest quality of care. Also, she has mastered injection techniques and is proficient in microcannula injection. Eryna has completed advanced training in numerous methodologies, including Botox,… Read More »Eryna Capko- Medical Aesthetician

Olga Garstea- Aesthetician

Olga graduated from Toronto School of Aesthetics as a medical aesthetician and has 4 years of experience. She is passionate about providing the broad range of different basic and advanced skin care services, like: facials, microneedling, laser treatments /hair removal, chemical peels, face massage, body… Read More »Olga Garstea- Aesthetician

Mikhail Shalvarov- RMT

Registered Massage Therapist – Mikhail Shalvarov licensed RMT  Mikhail has worked in the spa and health industry for over ten years.  In his treatments, he uses a wide variety of massage therapy techniques to reduce pain, improve health, and boost circulation in his clients. He connects… Read More »Mikhail Shalvarov- RMT

Nikolay Chetvertkov RTM

Registered Massage Therapist – Nikolay Chetvertkov licensed RMT  Nikolay holds a Doctor of Medical Degree in Pediatric and Neurology. He diagnosed and treated patients daily with several neurological disorders such as; strokes, seizures, high blood pressure encephala opiates, etc. Nikolay also performed lectures to psychiatrists on… Read More »Nikolay Chetvertkov RTM

Dr. Xerma Palmares

Naturopath- Dr. Xerma Palmares, ND is an international medical graduate and licensed Naturopathic Doctor who graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM). Dr. Xerma also holds a Doctor of Medicine degree* with a medical residency in cardiovascular surgery from Brazil as well as… Read More »Dr. Xerma Palmares

Dr. Vlad Michaels

Osteopath – Dr. Vlad Michaels who graduated from the Complementary Medicine College of Canada. He also holds a Muscle injections license. Dr. Vlad worked as a physiotherapist at European rehabilitation hospitals. Dr. Vlad treated patients, who are suffering from a range of problems including neck, back pain,… Read More »Dr. Vlad Michaels